Ustav Republike Hrvatske, film Rajka Grlića, službena stranica

Utorak, 20. veljača 2018.

Dvije nagrade filmu na 7. BaNeFF, Stockholm

Nagrada za najbolji film i počasna nagrada Kseniji Marinković

The jury of the BaNeFF 2018 consisting of Iwa Bohman, Mikael Rutkay Hylin, Mårten Andersson and Olgica Lindquist, have decided to give the price for the Best Film to: "The Constitution" by Rajko Grlic.

The motivation: For his film, which is a real love story about hate. It is a wonderful, deeply humanistic drama that keeps the audience unsure to the end about how the relationship will develop. It sees excellent acting by Ksenija Marinkovic, Nebosja Glogovac and Dejan Acimovic.

The Jury which normally has not the right to award actors will this particular year when we had to see beautiful performances of many actresses, will also give two Honorary Prizes and they go to excellent actresses: Gorica Popovic for "Out of the Woods" and Ksenija Marinkovic for "The Constitution".